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What is PeLe
Peer Learning Assessment System

PeLe is a voting system for many questions that turns students’ own computers and handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets into immediate response tools.

The students answer tests, mid-term tests, exams, exercises, laboratory tests, assessments, and assignments set by the teacher, who gets an immediate overview of the students` understanding of the topic covered in the tests. The results from the test are immediately displayed on a screen or board, and can be used as a springboard for letting students immediately learn from their mistakes. 

PeLe helps the teacher to focus their resources towards problem areas experienced during the actual test or exam. 

How you do it?


The teacher distributes a multiple choice test to the students


The students can answer the question using their own mobile devices.


The students answers are immediately available to the teacher. The teacher uses the results from the PeLe tool to give targeted feedback.


Why use PeLe?