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What is EVAL
Quick Evaluation System

Eval is a voting system for many questions that turns students’ own computers and handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets into immediate response tools. The students answer evaluation questionnaires set by the teacher, who gets an immediate overview of the students` opinion of the topic covered. The results are immediately displayed on a screen or board. This and can be used as a springboard for letting students immediately get an ownership to the course, since each students active contribution may immediately affect the learning methods. Eval helps the teacher to solve misunderstandings and focus their resources towards removing misconceptions experienced during the training session. Interact with all the students, including those who are usually too modest or non-responsive to speak up

How you do it?


The teacher sends an evaluation questionnaire to the students. The question type can be multiple choice format, or open text.


The students answer the evaluation using their mobile devices.


The results appear immediately for the teacher and the class. The teacher uses the results to solve misunderstandings and remove misconceptions, thus preparing the ground for creating ownership in class through active involvement.